Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pod Meeting in Madison, MS

This group of fiber artists met on Saturday in the home of Jackie W. We enjoyed drinks and a snack before our beginning time of 10:30. Jackie welcomed us all and our co-rep, Julia Graber, gave a blurb on SAQA. As we each introduced ourselves we showed a piece or two of fiber art. We enjoyed a delicious lunch together and discussed meeting again sometime in February.

Rita W. – “Ole Man River Bridge,” Vicksburg, MS

Marilyn D. – “Gladis: A Swirl of Thoughts

Marilyn D. – “The Graceful Oaks”

Debbie S. – String Quilts I & II

Christal J. – “Happy Haunted Village”

Christal J. – “Happy Ghosts”

Rena K. – “Tulips” and Berdie L. – “Lily”

Rena K. – “Dreamscape”

Judy M. – “Words,” “Apple,” and “Gone”

Mary F. – “Shining Victory”

Mary F. – “?????”

Nancy N. – “Mississippi Swamp”

Bebe T. – “Clematis”

Tracy G. – “Fleur de lis”

Jackie W. – “Favorite Tree From Ithaca Falls”

Linda F. – “Moon Shadows Triptych”

Linda F. – “Black and White Series II”

Martha G. – “High Rise”

Martha G. – “Leaf Study – Crotons”

Martha G. – “Fish Out of Water”

Rhonda B. – “?????”
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