Blog Submission Guidelines for Regional Members

1. Include your name and tag your submissions with one of these categories if it applies:
2. Write your blog in 3rd person.
3. Try to keep your post under 150 words.
4. Limit pictures to 3 per blog post and keep the size of your pics small (like 50 kilobytes-KB)
5. Each person should limit posts to a maximum of 1 per week, but please make as many comments to others’ postings as wish!
6. Never include personal information on yourself or anyone else, such as phone number or home address.
7. No commercial advertising unless it is for an exhibition or workshop/class.

Information to include:
1. For shows include the member’s name, title of work, name of show, dates, location, names of any other regional SAQA members in the show, if applicable
2. For workshops include dates, member’s name, title of workshop, day(s), hours, location, cost applicable web site, etc.
3. Consider posting regional events of interest to members.

Pages Information 

When any of the posts refer to exhibitions or Workshop, we will take the important details and update the page. This is not something members need to do. 

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