Sunday, February 23, 2014

Carrington quilt wins award in Huntsville Art League

Our artist's co-op in Huntsville, AL holds a fund-raising event each year, in which art patrons buy a ticket for a chance to select a piece of art from a collection donated by artists. When a patron's ticket is drawn, he announces his choice from the collection, which retires that piece of art. The owner of the first ticket drawn has his choice from the entire collection, and this year that patron selected my donation, The Pond 2. This photo shows it hanging in their lake house.

The donated collection hung for several weeks in our gallery at Lowe Mill, and was judged by a well-known painter with no affiliation to the League. I'm very pleased that The Pond 2 won a cash award. It is validating that a textile work was given an award in an organization primarily composed of painters and photographers.
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